The journey begins from the map!
Phase 1: Pinksale Baby!
  • Launch of the Pinkereum Website
  • Building a Thriving Community
  • Release of the Whitepaper
  • Exciting Fairlaunch Event
Phase 2: Keep on Rolling!
  • Pinkereum Official Launch
  • Trendsetting Marketing Initiatives
  • Listing on Cryptocurrency Giants (CG/CMC)
  • Securing a Tier 2 Centralized Exchange Listing
  • Achieving a Daily Trading Volume of Over $10 Million
  • Welcoming Over 5,000 Holders
Phase 3: Pinkover
  • Surpassing 10,000 Holders
  • Attaining Tier 1 Centralized Exchange Listings
  • Striving for a Daily Trading Volume Exceeding $50 Million
  • Celebrating Over 100,000 Hodlers
Our roadmap is a testament to our commitment to growth, community engagement, and the evolution of Pinkereum. We're excited to embark on this journey with you, reaching new milestones and making our vision a reality. Together, we'll paint the crypto world Pinkereum! 🚀🌟